About Third Party Certifiers

Third Party Certification

Third party certifications are the more trusted form of environmental conformance verification. The process of having a product third-party certified requires the hiring of an independent auditing firm. For level®, it means that the product, production processes and the organization are audited and verified by an independent third-party certification body. Therefore once a product has successfully undergone the review process and the audit claims are verified, a product can make the claim that it is level certified.  Manufacturers that evaluate products against the BIFMA sustainability standard without the third party auditing process, will not be able to use the level conformance mark and are not considered “level certified”.

Cost of Certification

The cost of certification will vary from product to product based not only on its material makeup but also due to how much work a certification body has to do on site in the way of conformance verification. If a manufacturer has a significant amount of the documentation in place, the certification process should be less costly. The only other program fee is a $5,000 fee for non-BIFMA members upon initial product certification, and every three years thereafter while the non-member manufacturer continues to participate in the program. Additional products can be included or added by the non-member manufacturer during the term of the 3-year licensing fee.

Certification Documentation

As an open and transparent standard, the following information is posted here for all potential manufacturers, suppliers and interested parties to view and use. The four sections encompass usage of the level certification mark, the level certification program, the certification guidelines, and a level certification mark usage agreement.

While biased regarding the value of the content, we admit that it may be a bit dry for those only interested in a cursory overview of the program. However, if you really want to understand level and its components, this is a great place to read more comprehensive information about the program.

level Program Guidelines

level Certification Scheme Outline – Appendix A

level Certification Process Flow – Figure A-1

level Certification Mark License Agreement – Appendix B

level Certification Mark Authorization – Appendix C

level Logo and Certification Mark Usage Guidelines